a little more confidence


Happy Monday! I don't often wear my hair up for outfit photos, but I decided to say fuck it and show off my five head. I think everyone with big foreheads has had some sort of insecurity about their forehead at some point in their life. But then there comes a day where you're just over it. I still prefer my face when it's framed by side bangs, but my face is still my face no matter what, and it's the only face I've got! I gotta love it!

I gotta say, I'm turning 30 this summer and I feel like I'm slowly letting go of a lot of my insecurities. Is that part of growing up? Maybe it's part of having a baby and just not having time to deal with myself the same way I used to. Let's be honest, sometimes I don't even get to brush my teeth. Who knows where it's coming from, but I'm kind of feeling myself a little! Have a great week! And be kind to yourself!



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