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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend. Now that Labour Day is behind us, it feels like it's time to really take charge of things that have just been overlooked or put at the bottom of that to-do list. For me, summertime was made to be lazy and break routines a bit. I'm not one for complete structure, but I definitely need to get my ass into gear. I started making to-do lists on my phone and now I'm addicted to crossing things off. That's normal right? In any case, September is sort of my back to school time too! Only, it's back to content creating regularly! I just want to be my best self and make time for things that bring me joy; blogging brings me joy. Why wait for new year's resolutions when now's a good time as any?

I never thought I'd be one of those people bringing my DSLR to a lavender farm, but here I am, friends. This is not something I would think to do with Julien, but a friend recommended it after going with her two year old. I'm so glad she did because it came at a perfect time for us. Julien had a rough day the day before - he chipped his front tooth (poor baby!). We just needed something fun and different to do. Terre Bleu Lavender Farm was perfect. The kid ran up and down the lavender fields, he 'talked' to the horses and the sheep at the farm (no really, he said hello, babble babble babble, neigh, baa and then bye), and had the world's most delicious lavender ice cream. This pretty much goes without saying, but we'll be going again next year, only maybe in the beginning of August as opposed to the end of it; there wasn't too much lavender left. You guys know I love fall - it's my favourite season. But I do want to soak up every last bit of what's left of summer!

Isn't sad how much toddlers want no part of picture taking? My kid only cares about selfie cam so he can see himself moving in and out of the frame. If you have a toddler who likes posing with you, let me know your secrets! 

PS: I know I've shared some of these pictures on Instagram, but my favourite real life, unedited moment is when Julien had his snack in the middle of the field. He saw strawberries in the bag and had to have them right then and there. #toddlerlife right!? 

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