a quick fashion PSA


It’s almost Christmas!! We just put up our tree TODAY! And I still have about 90% of my shopping to do. Okay, I fib, I fib  – 95%! I’m low key freaking out but it’s okay. We’ll get there! The holidays bring on so much stress and I’m determined to not let it get to me entirely. I’m just taking it one day at a time until the 25th.

So what is it about a pair of faux leather leggings that’s got a girl feeling herself! I bought these after Julien was born because I knew they would make me feel good once I could fit into them comfortably! They were kind of like my ‘goal’ pants, like some women have their skinny jeans. We’ll fast forward three years, and they still have the same effect on me! I’m not much of leggings outside of the gym person, but make them faux leather and I’m all over it! And then add a cute booty and a neon toque and I’m a whole new lady! 

I love fashion for this very reason. You don’t need very expensive things. For instance, these leggings are from  Joe Fresh! You don’t need to decked out in the latest “it” items or trends. Not all trends are created equal for starters! And not every trend is intended for every body. You just need to be wearing something you feel good in. For me, that happens to be this almost three year old, $40 pair of faux leather leggings! Ok. I’m done. That’s all for my quick little fashion PSA. Thanks for tuning in! 

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